Social Media Management

4.48 billion people use social media

Connect with your followers

Social media management keeps you connected with your followers and encourages more followers/likes to your page. Through regular posting, with content that is of interest to your audience, your page, engagement, and followers can grow.

4.48 billion people use social media worldwide – that’s a lot of potential interest in your business! If you’re not using social media effectively you could be losing out.

Plan it

The planning stage identifies key topics for your social media content, how and where.

Write it

The content creation stage takes place, by identifying trending hashtags and news to relate to your story.

Design it

Using bespoke branded templates or your images, let’s get the post design going. Consider different formats – will you also require videos, reels or stories?

Schedule it

Content and images are scheduled to go out to your social media pages. Posts are shared across groups and monitored.

Add on services

Social Media Page Set Up | Cover image refresh and design | Event set up on Facebook & LinkedIn | Event Management | Analytics and reporting | Campaign planning and project management

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