Digital Marketing Solution

Sara R Appleton Marketing Services is your Digital Marketing Solution.

I provide a flexible, marketing solution that focuses on your online presence and messaging, and communicates with your customers in the best, and most effective way.

  • Marketing Material Design and Copy
  • Social Media Management and Blog Creation
  • Advertising Solutions
  • Website Optimisation
  • Website Design – basic set up using Wix
  • Canva Training
  • Regular Marketing Resource

Please reach out or call 07769 678961 to discuss how I can help you.

I offer a FREE ‘Discovery’ call allowing us time to review what your marketing needs are, and how I can offer a solution to help!


The traditional marketing solution!

Marketing materials are effectively your introduction. Let me help create leaflets, booklets or even business cards.

My background is largely in creating, writing and arranging print. I can also provide a written solution for online usage – including writing blogs and articles.


With over half of the world using at least one form of social media, this is an essential tool to success for your business.

My services include full or part management of your social media channels, creating effective copy and images to match across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I will identify opportunities and discuss topics that could draw a crowd.


The internet is the number one way to reach new customers, and this is done by Digital Marketing.

Speak to me about setting up your ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. You’re in control of your spend and duration.


Is your website easy to navigate? Does it give all the information your customer is looking for?

Book your Website Optimisation Review for effective feedback that you can make to keep your future and existing customers happy.


Canva is one of the leading Graphic Design packages, allowing business owners to create effective templates for use in many different formats for a minimal cost. It will open your creativity, especially if you’d prefer to do your own design on a budget.

Sara Appleton

If you would prefer to run your own marketing, but may need ad hoc assistance and advice, I am here to help.

Book from 10 hours a month that could cover any marketing activity!

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Examples of Social Media Graphics and Marketing Materials

Basic Website or Landing Page – Creation and Design

A web page is the way of opening the virtual door to your future customers. It’s essential that you have all that your customer would be looking for, in a simple, easy to navigate and user-friendly structure.

Whether you’ve already written the website, and just need it proofreading from a customer angle, or need help with the actual content, I can help.

Or perhaps you’d like a simple ‘landing page’ to make your business glow (and capture customer details) – a very simple, cost effective way to display your services and skills on one page.

Advertising and Press

Would you like to promote your business, but not sure where to start? Let me analyse your business and provide recommendations.

Financial Services Marketing

I have worked within the Financial Services sector for most of my marketing career, including the companies below.

If you are a FCA regulated company, or adhere to risk and compliance, I am very familiar with the processes you have to create a new letter, leaflet or email.

I can assist with ad hoc, perhaps regulatory, projects.

  • Rebrand
  • Campaign management
  • Reviewing letters / literature