Creative Design

Identifying Your Brand

Delivering a consistent brand

Your brand is your personality. So your communications should reflect your brand consistently. Below are examples of how I can help your brand come to life.

Brand guideline document

A document clearly outlining the brand colours, fonts and rules.

Social Media template creation

A suite of Canva-designed bespoke templates to use across your chosen social media platforms. You’ll receive the ‘Master’ template that can be copied and saved to your file, ready to use for your regular social media assets.

Mailchimp template design

Create a consistent look and feel for your email communications. Add your brand colours, images and style. Includes 2 iterations.

Additional extras

Leaflet design | Cover Image | Canva Online Courses | Mailchimp Tutorial | Copywriting | Proofreading | Social Media Management | Email Marketing | Branded Templates for Accommodation

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