Helping Hospitality Post Pandemic

Over the last two years, I have been fortunate to work with many Accommodation Providers in the UK. I have watched as the uncertainty of the pandemic has affected them and helped to rebuild businesses, focussing on communications at every step of the journey. Here are my Top 5 essentials for Accommodation Providers Create yourContinue reading “Helping Hospitality Post Pandemic”

5 Ways to Promote Sustainability in your Business

This week I attended the #AWEurope2022, otherwise known as the Advertising Week Europe show – four days of big, well-known brands getting together to discuss trends and emerging actions in the world of advertising and marketing. The one theme that ran clearly through the sessions was Sustainability, and how businesses are coming together to contributeContinue reading “5 Ways to Promote Sustainability in your Business”

Supporting businesses of all sizes

A year ago, I joined a network meeting and nervously introduced myself to the group of business owners. Each had been in business for a while, established and confident, but welcoming all the same. After this, I reached out to a few businesses, offering my help. A few weeks later I had an email replyContinue reading “Supporting businesses of all sizes”