About me


My name is Sara, I live with my son in Somerset, in a town placed right in the middle of  Bristol and Bath.

What makes me tick? I love to find a time to relax with a swim or walk, or escape for a good coffee. My mind is always thinking about work, showing that I love my job, and I feel this feeds through to my work!

Marketing became my career choice very early on and I’ve enjoyed seeing how it’s developed over the years. I am constantly refreshing my knowledge, taking courses as available to add to my skill set.

I have worked in a marketing function for over 15 years. I fell into working within Financial Services, where all of my marketing experience has been gained, but all skills are applicable to other sectors too.

In 2012, I began working as a marketing contractor creating my own limited company, which provided the opportunity to work with some of the largest banks in the UK. These establishments have a very high standard for their communications, and through these placements and the training received, my writing has excelled, keeping to brand and tone of voice – and being able to adapt content to specific audiences and media.

What was I doing in these placements? Anything is simply the answer! I’ve been involved with updating or creating marketing materials, client communications, internal communications or case studies, managing stock, budgets, reviewing telesales scripts for effectiveness, reviewing processes for efficiencies and also auditing as a secondment to the compliance team.

Overall, I enjoy working with words – as without Marketing, how will people know about you?

In 2021 I successfully passed the DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) Digital Marketing Professional certification. I am able to offer more services outside of social media, reaching those target audiences in different methods such as online advertising, Email Marketing, SEO or Website Optimisation.

I have created this website to reach out to businesses that may not have the budget for a full-time marketing person, or perhaps have a project approaching where an extra pair of hands will be crucial to delivering a project.

To arrange a discussion about how I can help you, please complete the form.