5 Ways to Promote Sustainability in your Business

This week I attended the #AWEurope2022, otherwise known as the Advertising Week Europe show – four days of big, well-known brands getting together to discuss trends and emerging actions in the world of advertising and marketing.

The one theme that ran clearly through the sessions was Sustainability, and how businesses are coming together to contribute to the Race to Zero.

And for those who are service providers, like me, how important it is to communicate to clients and prospective clients. As it’s said ‘Every little bit helps’.

87% of consumers want brands to act now to encourage future sustainability

So how can you make a change? Here are my suggestions.

  • Promote your business’ contribution. Small efforts such as shopping local, becoming a paper-free office, or using reusable water bottles all make a difference.
  • Show your results – whether through client communications, website or social media. Monitor this over time and shout about it.
  • Encourage recycling in your business, and at home, by monitoring how much you can recycle in a week, and challenge yourself to recycle more the following week. Download this sheet for inspiration.
  • If your business uses vehicles to deliver goods and services, consider offsetting your CO2 and giving to charity.
  • For events, consider recyclable materials and alternatives to costly merchandise – plant a tree, tokens to contribute to a charity, paper display stand rather than plastic.

Can I help you make a difference through your communications? Contact me today to set up a meeting.

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