Supporting businesses of all sizes

A year ago, I joined a network meeting and nervously introduced myself to the group of business owners. Each had been in business for a while, established and confident, but welcoming all the same. After this, I reached out to a few businesses, offering my help.

A few weeks later I had an email reply from one of these asking for my assistance. And that is where my business started.

I have been lucky to meet a whole host of business owners over the last year, and the best reward is knowing that my help has made a difference to their business. I have built on my knowledge, skills and capability as a freelancer, and what keeps me motivated, is knowing that I’m making people happy.

I decided to focus on small business owners. I appreciate that when you’re starting out, the last thing you want to do is be faffing with social media or writing copy, and that’s where I come in.

  1. Small Business Support

When you’re working alone, everyone needs someone to talk to. And when you’re just starting out, a little support goes a long way.

2. Building a website

When you make a purchasing decision, do you check the website or reviews first? A website is your ‘shop window’, it introduces your customers to your business and a little about you. If you’re not a technical person, you may find the thought of your own website daunting and end up spending a ton of money getting a professional to build one for you.

Write down a structure, usually this is in the format of Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us.

Make sure to proofread and add links in the website.

Add SEO and make sure your website is optimised for mobile phones.

If this seems a lot, and you’d rather it be done quickly and efficiently, check out my Affordable Website Build package.

3. Spread the word

Spread the word about your services. Will this be local or national? Will a specific trade be interested in your services? Make a list of groups to share regularly. In time they’ll recognise your business.

Paid Advertising is also an option, this is available with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Join forces with local businesses. Perhaps ask them to share or have you as a guest speaker. You’ll find that small businesses support each other!

4. Maintain your communications

As your business evolves, you may like to update your website, your social media descriptions, create a regular newsletter or build an email list. Blogs are a fantastic way of getting people involved and raising awareness of your business. Even a refresher.

So whilst I celebrate a year of Freelance Marketing, I’d love for you to share my blog with others. Spread the word of what I can bring to small businesses. Thank you for reading.

About Sara R Appleton Marketing Services

I focus on helping small businesses in the most affordable way. I love the opportunity to help, and you’ll find me working extra hours to make sure your business marketing and admin is fulfilled.

Contact me to discuss your marketing ideas and needs. You can also follow me on Facebook to keep my details handy for when you need my marketing and admin help.

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