The Digital Marketing top 5 essentials

Digital Marketing is the process of communicating your business online. That means social media, display advertising, web searches, advertising, email, and of course, your website. It is an area that is constantly growing and changing, and looking back even just a few years, that’s pretty evident.

So, which methods are best for you? How do you know what to do?

This is the reason why a marketing consultant will be an essential resource for your business.

We understand the differences and options when it comes to communicating your business to the open world. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for marketing methods. It depends on careful analysis of your audience, your product, your marketing materials and website.

Each of my clients is in a different sector. And so, how I work differs so that the tone of voice, the images, the social media channel and advertising target audience work for them.

Explore the top 5 below, and take a look at my Marketing Support and Services page.

  1. Social Media Management – there are 21 social media channels, each providing a different service, to a varied audience. Of course the usual suspects tend to be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. But others may be more relevant to your business, and worth considering.
  2. Email Marketing – this is getting more clever as time evolves. Automated emailing creates a customer journey, alerts your customer of offers or news and if done properly, it is a great way of keeping retention and renewing consumer interest.
  3. Search advertising – make sure your website and services pop up to the top of a search. But how? Correct Facebook or Google Ads set up, video advertising, remarketing, keywords and SEO are key to your journey.
  4. Website optimisation – a website is your pride and joy, it takes a while to write the content, agree on images and layout. So if you’ve done just this for your page, there are additional steps that need to be carried out to make sure your website matches those search criteria – it determines your page ranking.
  5. Website usability – is your website easy to navigate? Is it kind on the eyes, with a consistent colour and font size? These are areas that would be observed to make sure that your website is easy to use, and ticks the boxes of what the customer is looking for. Perhaps ask a friend to take a look, get someone to test your website and provide feedback on what is working, or not working.

This is just a brief synopsis of Digital Marketing, however each plays an essential task in your business, and each I can assist with. Think of the time you may spend managing your own marketing, and the difference this would make by outsourcing.

Let me help you!

My name is Sara and I am founder of Sara R Appleton Marketing Services.

I provide two options to get your Digital Marketing journey started, or jump started, for success.

Website Optimisation Review

A full review of your website, identifying methods to improve your current website ranking, searchability and user experience

For an additional fee, I can also help make changes to your website content and help with set up of Google Ads.

Social Media Audit

Reviewing existing posts and online activity, engagement level, content and reach

Identify opportunities to grow your following

Industry news and content topics

Competitor comparison

Paid Advertising

Depending on your audience, lets chat about setting up paid advertising to create more website visits, encourage more online purchases and grow your following. I also provide a review service of your existing ads, and suggestions on how to make improvements.

To discuss how I can help your Digital Marketing journey, please contact me on or call 07769 678961.

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