A little help goes a long way

This year has urged us to ‘Be Kind‘, and I love that this years much anticipated John Lewis Christmas Advert has been based on this – and released on World Kindness Day!

So I want to share a story with you.

I have a friend who has a passion for baking. My first memory is of the mint chocolate chip muffins she brought to a baby shower, and later my sons Frozen themed birthday cake and my birthday surprise Funnel Cakes. She is one of those people who is perfect at baking, and very artistic at everything she does!

The idea

So during Lockdown, whilst out on a walk her husband found the perfect venue for a cake shop. This had been their dream for some time, and the location was too good to miss as it is at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge, a tourist attraction in Somerset.

Within a few weeks, the space was theirs to place their mark, and they started planning the decor, cupcake flavours, website and social media – to name a few!

My friend asked me if we could go through her marketing plan, as she knew I had just started my company helping small businesses with their marketing. We sat down on a hot sunny afternoon and discussed a number of areas, including

  • Short term and long term challenges and opportunities
  • Who the target customers would be
  • How to keep the audience engaged
  • What social media platforms would suit best
  • What loyalty promotions to consider
  • Advertising opportunities, and so much more!

The shop would cater largely for the tourist trade, so we had to think about the off-season activities and ways to draw a local knowledge as well as tourist. My friend had thought of a lot of these but it was a good practice to go through the plan together to highlight missed areas, and expand on others.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

It wasn’t just me that could help. Others in the local community helped Charlotte and Rob to get The Cheddar Cakery ready in record time. Tracey Burkinshaw, a hugely talented artist, created cupcake art for the window and walls, friends helped with the carpentry, painting and decorating, and local suppliers helped Charlotte with her coffee and cake making materials.

It took just two weeks for the shop to be ready and open!

So at the end of August 2020, The Cheddar Cakery opened its doors to become not just another shop in Cheddar Gorge, but a place for local residents and school children to visit as well.

Overcoming obstacles such as a English weather, acting as a take away only and the UK’s second Lockdown, the shop has grown into a popular spot for local artisan coffee, the yummiest cupcakes and bespoke cake order requests.

Although I’m off the clock when it comes to The Cheddar Cakery, I am always happy to help with advice and direction with marketing activities!

About me

I have over 15 years marketing experience, specialising in communications and started my business in the midst of Lockdown. It’s been something I’ve considered for years – and at the core – my mission is to help people and small business marketing.

If you are a small business owner, about to open a business, or considering reviewing your business marketing – I am happy to help.

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Reach out to book an appointment, via Zoom, where we can cover your market and review your efforts and opportunities.

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