Marketing Resource for Businesses on a Budget

I created my company in the middle of the first lockdown. I am officially one of the many who have taken the leap into the “Golden Age” of 2020 entrepreneurs!

There is no medal or cheesy welcome sign – just the drive to succeed in my business.

But my business has another aim – to help people.

Thinking back to my past life (my ’employed’ life!), one of my highlights was creating the handover or training notes to show someone how to use a certain system, how to create VLookUps, creating a sales order spreadsheet or how to mark up a document for artwork amends.

I have flourished in a role of helping others. SO this is why I have an exciting new offer coming this January!

Introducing….Marketing Mentoring for Business

I get that every penny counts. £1 is much more in value if you’re working for yourself. So that’s why my Marketing Mentoring for Business is ideal for businesses who are just starting out, or perhaps need marketing help but simply have a restricted budget.

It provides an array of services, information and tutorials – all aimed to help small businesses with their marketing. It is available as a monthly subscription and the prime aim to help and encourage communications.

Each month I will provide:

2 x 30 minute Virtual Q&A sessions (morning and evening, to fit your schedule)
Hints and tips on how to grow your Social Media pages
A calendar each month of ‘Awareness Days’
Content suggestions for social media
Scheduling tips
Updates to social media changes
Exclusive offers and available for questions via email.

To find out more and enrol, simply click here. Or if you’d like to discuss how I can help you – please reach out to arrange a Zoom call.

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