Has 2020 encouraged you into self-employment?

Wow, what a year this has been.

Many people have found themselves creating a new business this year, and it’s said that a new ‘self-employed revolution’ has begun. I am proud to say I’m in this group!

In February, I opted for a more convenient job closer to home (that fit perfectly with my home life), but unfortunately, the pandemic forced the end to that role. And in June, I officially founded my business as a self-employed marketing consultant.

It has been something I’d considered for some time, and I began networking during lockdown. Just a few months on, I am loving my job and it fits perfectly with my home life. Best of all, I am helping people!

I have always enjoyed helping others, passing my knowledge on, and this is where I’d like to help you!

Perhaps you’re reading this, nodding and agreeing as my story may sound familiar to you!

Starting your own business is a leap, but a positive leap in these odd times we’re in. My priority is making sure that your business is on the right path.

‘Marketing’ is a very broad term – it covers all aspects of communication with your existing and future clients. You want to make sure you target the right people with a message that shouts what you’re all about!

To help new businesses, I offer two services. Each essential and proven to uncover important aspects of successful business.

Virtual marketing consultation

One hour of 121 virtual marketing, including the following:

  • A review of your existing strategies
  • A review of your social media approach
  • A review of your target audience
  • And a competitor analysis.

Social Media and Website Review

Skip the consultation and have a straight forward review of your existing website, marketing material and social media.

  • A review of your existing social media activity
  • A review of existing material (or identifying helpful material to create)
  • A review of your website, proofreading for consistency and messaging quality
  • Identifying opportunities.

You can also read a recent review here.

Sound good? Contact me to arrange your virtual consultation or Website and Social Media Review.

Sara Appleton | 07769 678961 | sararappleton@outlook.com | sararappleton.com

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