The Opportunity to Shine

The Coronavirus has brought about a huge amount of change in a short amount of time. Businesses have been forced to either adapt to the Government instructions or close.

This may be the opportunity to make changes that really make your business stand out.

Some things to consider:

People are forced to be at home. They (may) have time to research, purchase online, do something that’s been on the ‘to do’ list for ages.

Take the time to do things that add value to your business…here’s some suggestions.

  • Update your website and marketing collateral.
    • It’s recommended that a website should be updated annually, if not more. Have you reviewed your site lately – are you confident that it’s up to date?
    • Have you been waiting for the time to create effective marketing material – now’s the time to address your ‘to do’ list!
    • Do you need to make any changes? E.g. hours, staff or services?
  • Review your previous correspondence
    • If you use templated letters, are these still correct?
    • Will there be changes when you’re reopened, such as costs, staff or delivering facilities?
    • Perhaps you’re now online, do your customers know? Social Media shouldn’t be your only tool to communicate.
  • Create new communications
    • Have you thoughts of sending a newsletter to your clients, perhaps diverse into helpful information whilst you’re closed or unable to trade?

If you’re unable to trade during lockdown, you want to make sure your customers know you’re still there. Prepare for when you reopen.

Some examples I’ve seen are

  • Hairdressers booking advanced slots, recommendations on what to do in the meantime, reminder that they’re still there for any questions.
  • Florists promoting their home growing, maybe give ideas of how to brighten up a home or gifts in place of flowers whilst they’re unable to deliver.
  • Personal trainers going online with video recorded or live workouts and advice.

Maintain social media presence. Or perhaps create a newsletter to your customers. This may be the opportunity to start a communication, perhaps offer an incentive for when you reopen.

Plan a party. Draw customers back in for when the restrictions are lifted.

Update your literature. You’re currently closed, but if you are reopening, will your costs be affected? Will you need to update your leaflets and website with changes in staff, costs, opening hours?

I can help you achieve all of these. If you’d like to chat through what opportunities we can work on together, contact me on, 07769 678961 or via my Facebook page.

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